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Image by Codioful (Formerly Gradienta)


THE GAME is a business formed by specialists with more than 15
years of expertise in the fields of hospitality, drinks, and the management of private events in Ibiza. Our mission is to ensure that your event will always be outstanding, one-of-a-kind, and indelible in the minds of your guests. THE GAME, unlike any other event organiser in Ibiza, customises, designs, and manages its own themed bars and the staff who utilises them. A centralised process with no proxies: from the transport, assembly, and service of the bars to the acquisition of the necessary products, utensils, uniforms, and kitchenware, as well as the attention to any special requests, such as live music, artists, DJs, chefs or professional catering.





Son of the voluptuous 80s, Marcos appears in this universe in a mountain village near Barcelona. His roots in the heart of a Catalan working-class family sparked an early interest in learning, cooperating, creating, and sharing with his kin. His inquiring and insatiably social nature led him to a career in nightlife as a bartender and mixologist at the age of 23, searching for the essence of life through the art of bartending and psychology. Marcos is The Game's Druid: he turns colours into flavours, aromas into journeys, and investigates secret concoctions. His goal is to provide one-of-a-kind sensory experiences. He has lived in Ibiza since 2008, where he has placed his philosophy of constant transformation into practise. The island nurtures him with sensuality, spirituality, and ongoing energy to help him grow as a person. As a skilled Druid, he is a connoisseur of lost recipes passed down orally through generations. Tell him how you're feeling, and he'll advise the perfect potion for you to drink.


Christian was born in Madrid, Europe's coolest capital, where "cocido" and political gossip could shape the symbolism of its flag. Christian is a life admirer. His guiding principle is to make others joyful. He is in charge of igniting that little spark that will keep the party going. He, like all spiritual world representatives, is an adventurous traveller whose faith in a life of gratification has led him to live in Spain, the United Kingdom, France, and Switzerland. A  curious scholar of good leisure, Christian brings DNA from a kinship capable of selling ice to the Inuit people.  His area of expertise is buying you a drink and making small talk with you. You're doing business with him before you even know it. After working as a receptionist, butler, and personal assistant, this spiritual leader of The Game understands the language of energies and the various tastes for celebratory rituals. Knowing every pore of society is a non-transferable knowledge, and it is the driving force behind his innate curiosity. His fantasy is similar to a reverse and positive pandemic: infecting all humanity with the love he has for life.


Abraham is known as a northman in Anglo-Saxon, a man from the heathen lands of the north. His martial roots are in the humble terroirs of León, where there are more bars than people and where a bloody brawl can break out over the claim that "cecina" is similar to "mortadella". His professional career began in the family business, where he learned the wine and food industry jargon and sales slang. The two things that a people cannot evolve without. This noble warrior was taken aback by love seven years ago, and helpless in the face of such a magnitude of female military genius, he found himself absorbed and installed in his new residential camp in Ibiza. This northerner took on the menial job of a delivery boy at a local ice manufacturing company. It is unknown whether this was due to stubbornness or vigour, but historical records show that he eventually decided to become the Ice King by founding his own company. Long lines have formed at his base of operations since he took over three years ago, poets say, clamouring for the icy treasure that is so coveted in Ibiza during the summer solstice.


THE GAME is a business founded in 2023 by the three musketeers whose exploits you have just read about. We have decades of combined experience in the hotel, mixology, wine, gastronomy, and hospitality industries in Ibiza. Partnership resulted in friendship. The friendship sparked a desire to do something meaningful with our life, something bigger than all of us. And our search for meaning led us to THE GAME. We developed a temple in THE GAME to welcome the most demanding people who require particular attention for their guests. The goal of this journey is to do what we do best: serve your guests with joy, connection, and professionalism. And that even when everything is over and finished, they will frequently remember you: "Do you remember that amazing event...?".

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